Islandora 6.x End of Life Announcement

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To the Islandora Community,

As of February 28, the Islandora Foundation will no longer be officially supporting Islandora 6.x. It is nearly a year since the last full release of Islandora for Drupal 6.x, and primary development has long since moved on to Islandora 7.x. The Islandora 6.x sandbox was retired in fall, 2013.

We will still continue to provide access to documentation for previous version of Islandora in our documentation Wiki ( and we will maintain archival copies of Islandora VMs for older versions on our Downloads page (, but no further development is anticipated for Islandora 6.x.

To complete the retirement of Islandora 6.x, a review of open tickets on JIRA ( will be conducted over the next few Committers Calls, with tickets either assigned, closed, or moved over to Islandora 7.x as appropriate. No further new tickets will be accepted for Islandora 6.x issues.

If you have any questions or comments about the end of Islandora 6.x support and development, please contact

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