New batch framework, supporting suspending of the batch process.
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Islandora Batch Build Status


This module implements a batch framework, as well as a basic ZIP/directory ingester.

The ingest is a two-step process:

  • Preprocessing: The data is scanned, and a number of entries created in the Drupal database. There is minimal processing done at this point, so it can complete outside of a batch process.
  • Ingest: The data is actually processed and ingested. This happens inside of a Drupal batch.


This module requires the following modules/libraries:

Additionally, installing and enabling Views will allow additional reporting and management displays to be rendered.


Install as usual, see this for further information.


After you have installed and enabled the Islandora Batch module, go to Administration » Islandora » Islandora Utility Modules » Islandora Batch Settings (admin/islandora/tools/batch) to configure the module.

Configuration menu

You should make sure that the path to your java executable is correct. Optionally, if you have the Drupal Views module enabled, you can also have the module link back to the Batch Queue in its results messages


Further documentation for this module is available at our wiki.


The base ZIP/directory preprocessor can be called as a drush script (see drush help islandora_batch_scan_preprocess for additional parameters):

Drush made the target parameter reserved as of Drush 7. To allow for backwards compatability this will be preserved. The target option requires the full path to your archive from root directory. e.g. /var/www/drupal/sites/

Drush 7 and above:

drush -v -u 1 --uri=http://localhost islandora_batch_scan_preprocess --type=zip --scan_target=/path/to/

Drush 6 and below:

drush -v -u 1 --uri=http://localhost islandora_batch_scan_preprocess --type=zip --target=/path/to/

This will populate the queue (stored in the Drupal database) with base entries.

For the base scan, files are grouped according to their basename (without extension). DC, MODS or MARCXML stored in a *.xml or binary MARC stored in a *.mrc will be transformed to both MODS and DC, and the first entry with another extension will be used to create an "OBJ" datastream. Where there is a basename with no matching .xml or .mrc, some XML will be created which simply uses the filename as the title.

The queue of preprocessed items can then be processed:

drush -v -u 1 --uri=http://localhost islandora_batch_ingest

A fuller example, which preprocesses large image objects for inclusion in the collection with PID "yul:F0433", is:

Drush 7 and above:

drush -v -u 1 --uri= islandora_batch_scan_preprocess --content_models=islandora:sp_large_image_cmodel --parent=yul:F0433 --parent_relationship_pred=isMemberOfCollection --type=directory --scan_target=/tmp/batch_ingest

Drush 6 and below:

drush -v -u 1 --uri= islandora_batch_scan_preprocess --content_models=islandora:sp_large_image_cmodel --parent=yul:F0433 --parent_relationship_pred=isMemberOfCollection --type=directory --target=/tmp/batch_ingest

then, to ingest the queued objects:

drush -v -u 1 --uri= islandora_batch_ingest


Custom ingests can be written by extending any of the existing preprocessors and batch object implementations. Checkout the example implemenation for more details.

Clearing the semaphore table

If a user kills a Drush batch ingest, or a batch ingest initiated via the web GUI dies for some reason, it is impossible to start another batch ingest until the Islandora Batch entry in Drupal's semaphore table expires. You may clear this entry manually within your database, but doing so may impact other batch ingest jobs that are running. If you are sure no other batch ingest jobs are running, delete the row from Drupal's semaphore table where the name is 'islandora_batch_ingest'.


Having problems or solved a problem? Check out the Islandora google groups for a solution.


Current maintainers:


If you would like to contribute to this module, please check out In addition, we have helpful Documentation for Developers info, as well as our Developers section on the site.