Islandora Drupal servlet filter
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Islandora Drupal Servlet Filter


This is the servlet filter to permit the Fedora Commons repository software to authenticate against a Drupal database. Both FeSL (JAAS) and non-FeSL authentication schemes are supported with the same .jar file.

For help with configuring the Drupal filter see the servlet_filter_README.txt file in the Islandora download distribution.

Anonymous Users

Fedora requires a username for the audit trail so we populate a username of anonymous for empty user names.

Drupal Version

The same version of the filter will work for both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 Islandora installations.


This project uses Maven and specifies Fedora as a dependency. To build the servlet filter simply run the command:

mvn package

To build for a specific version of Fedora, the fedora.version parameter can be passed (defaults to 3.6.2), so to build for Fedora 3.7.1, you could call:

mvn package -Dfedora.version=3.7.1

This can take a few minutes as Maven will need to download and build Fedora before it can build the Drupal filter.

To remove traces of the build process, run:

mvn clean

The target/ directory is in the .gitignore file as it is bad practise to check binary files into Git that are created with a build process.