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Assets 2

This update targets a few specific changes rather than a single overall release goal:

  • Implemented the "Restore To Last Position" viewer operation. This adds support for single-object and coalesced object Restore To Last Position viewer commands. It differs from SL by blocking the operation when the last position was as an attachment, and informs the user that it was an attachment and they should use Wear or Add. (SL rezzes the object instead, near 0,0,0 in the region.)
  • Fixed null reference exception on asset load error/timeout. Seen on Diamond Valley and discussed in this forum thread.
  • Bot outfit items no longer share the same (real actual) user inventory item ID with the bot owner (and other bots) when worn in-world by bots. Instead, bot outfit items are assigned a new unique inventory item ID when they are worn, and that ID is mapped backed to the original inventory item ID. Fixes Mantis #3164 and probably some other problems related to bot outfits.
  • Fixed problems reported with the initialization and storage of per-prim "scripted" status, as reported in the Firestorm JIRA report FIRE-17782. This resulted in some viewers reporting "Not able to perform 'reset'." errors when resetting all scripts in an object that had no scripts in the root prim.
  • Provide server-side cleanup of extra folder links in the Current Outfit folder. This cleanup happens when a user does a Replace Outfit with a new one, and resolves Halcyon Issue #113, reduces the effects of LL/IW viewer problem in Mantis #3163, and Firestorm JIRA FIRE-17217.
  • Fixed llAddToLandBanList, llRemoveFromLandBanList, llRemoveFromLandPassList, llResetLandBanList and llResetLandPassList to not require an exact match between object owner and parcel owner, but to use the looser rules of group role abilities, etc. that llAddToLandPassList was already using correctly. Fixes Mantis 1117.
  • Fixed a problem reported in this forum thread where a KeyNotFoundException occurs when the internal materials ID was not found setting PRIM_SPECULAR options from a script. This is probably a symptom of a larger problem, but for now we'll patch it to avoid the exception and use default materials when this error occurs.
  • Fixed null reference exception in llGetLandOwnerAt when parcel coordinates are outside region. See the forum discussion for more. It was a pattern so several places updated. Also improved some of the error message cases to indicate the location (coordinates) in question. See also Mantis #3170.
  • Added the ability to catch exceptions from Cassandra when purging inventory items. Catching it here allows us to continue and complete the rest of the operation. Fixes many cases of exceptions and tracebacks in the server logs for normal operations.
  • Added build-time support for .Net 4.6 and 4.6.1 support (not used by InWorldz regions yet).
  • Some general cleanup of the source code from the Halcyon contributors.