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Assets 2

This release provides mostly background, server-side improvements, although there are a couple of things for users.

• Fixed the infinite "Loading..." message on the World Map when clicking on invalid region locations. With this change the viewer now displays "Invalid Location" when the user click on map tiles that have no region associated.

LSL Scripting
• Fixed problems related to llJson2List handling of an JSON object with a null value for an element.

• Implemented detailed statistics gathering on asset-related operations on cloud storage. Added an implementation for the show assets console command to dump these statistics, or to reset them with show assets reset. In the event of performance-related reports, this will provide definitive information on whether any issues were related to cloud storage delays or something else, and if so, more info on the specific trouble case.
• Added support in the Cassandra-related inventory code for purging and recreating empty folders. This is not used in the regions, but is for use in the internal inventory scanner utility (used on Support escalations).

Halcyon Open-Source Project
• Added Test support for the Phlox scripting Engine including a Mock for the Engine. Added JSON tests for LSL script engine testing around JSON handling. Added an initial failing test cases and some positive cases for llJson2List handling an JSON object with a null value for an element. Added code to get the failing test passing.
• There were copies of the Prebuild utility in both the Halcyon code tree and in LibOMV, that have deviated. This update takes the most up to date copy from Halcyon (which includes the InWorldz-specific changes) and puts a copy in ThirdParty. Also made a nukpkg package from it as well. The copies in Halcyon and LibOMV have not been removed yet. There are some other changes that are coming to the LibOMV version first.