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Changes In This Update

This update includes only the following changes:

  • Problems preserving sit targets after some operations, identified in the 0.9.29 update, have (hopefully) been resolved.
  • As an aid to testing, the llGetPrimitiveParams part of Linden Lab's recent PRIM_SIT_TARGET parameter addition has been implemented. (Note the Set part of that has not yet been implemented in InWorldz due to ambiguity in how PRIM_SIT_TARGET is supposed to be implemented.)

Also, while the InWorldz deployment was complete, the GitHub release was missing a critical merge from the intended 0.9.29 changes. That has been corrected for this 0.9.30 update, so it includes everything documented in the 0.9.29 update as well as the two changes above.

The 0.9.29 release should be avoided for several reasons; use this 0.9.30 release instead.