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A free Game Maker source file editor
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A cross-platform editor for Game Maker project files written in Java using Swing. You can find the latest build on the releases page. The source code is doxygen commented but online documentation of the internals is available, including format specification details.


This project is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 License. Please read the included LICENSE file or visit for more information.


  • IsmAvatar as project leader, lead programmer, file format expert, philosopher, project politics, and most publicity (both research and release).
  • Clam for most of the Save and Load code which I then proceeded to break and refix, and most of the MDI desktop, and the ResourceFrame and generics, and most of our visual components.
  • Quadduc for technical things like format fix, license, legality, bug fixes, and the great GM7 breakthrough; almost all of our lib icons, much work on the Frames, and string externalization.
  • TGMG for various programming, and finding ways to break things that I thought couldn't be broken and finding SVN, which helped teamwork and version control.
  • Josh Ventura provided some icons and algorithm assistance.
  • Robert B. Colton added GMX format, Shaders, major bug fixes, and preferences panel.

Special Thanks

  • WittyCheeseBoy for extensive testing and finding lots of fun surprises.
  • Josh@Dreamland for his support and the Enigma Compiler.
  • Everyone else from the ENIGMA forums, GMC forums, G-Creator forums, old LGM forums, etc. who helped out, gave tips, acknowledged LGM's presence, or otherwise aided in its creation, including but certainly not limited to (and pardon the many forgotten names):
  • DeathFinderxx, Rusky, retep998, Porfirio, Polygone, pythonpoole, andrewmc, Yourself, Leif902, GearGOD, roach, RhysAndrews, Bendodge, javaman1922, h0bbel, evilish, Natso, kkg
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