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1.8.7 changes #245

merged 25 commits into from Feb 5, 2016


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RobertBColton commented Jan 29, 2016

I'll finish detailing them later.

  • Fixes code formatting in a lot of places for consistency. It will no longer be mixed between the LGM style and other styles, files will be a little more consistent. Removed excess whitespace, lots of whitespace was on empty lines. Fixed file line endings in some places.
  • Adds the checkered background pattern to the room editor.
  • Changes default room background color to 66CCFF because that better represents the sky, what is likely to be the most common background.
  • Fixes #199 by properly scaling the checkered pattern. Sprites and backgrounds can be less than 5 pixels again.
  • Fixes #177 the correct way by moving the code for the room editor size to the Room resource property map.
  • Fixes #231 using the same fix as #237 for the stable branch. So now the path editor is working as good as it did in lgm16b4.
  • Fixes layout in the game settings frame for the author and version number/project info tab. The labels should have been trailing as they are in GM8.1.
  • Fixes #223 by properly closing file handles, you can now save an image multiple times safely from the external editor.
  • Fixes multiple monitor support by removing an old patch that stops the main window from covering the taskbar when decorated frames are enabled in preferences.
  • Adds keyboard shortcuts for Bold, Italic, and Underline to the Game Information editor.
  • Cleans up the JoshEdit commits and finally moves most of the changes into JoshDreamland/JoshEdit master.
  • Removes double-click expandable splitters. They were not necessary and basically overkill, even more annoying to me than the one touch expandable toolbars.
  • Replaces the old color picker with a new control that allows you to enter hexadecimal color values. This should make it easier to copy and paste color values. You can still click the button to get the old color picker or enter the hex value manually.
  • Adds anti-aliasing to the search bar and fixes related clipping. This search bar was a custom created control.
  • Introduces a right orientation mode for those who may be left handed or prefer to work with the IDE that way because of how it saves mouse movements between toolbar clicks.
  • Hides some unimplemented features such as Undo/Redo for the background and sprite editor. The controls are still there, the buttons have just been commented out from the layout.
  • Removes references to the "Quantum" look and feel that I experimented with. The master branch supports various look and feels so it is possible to recreate it as a custom look and feel or using a plugin for LGM. It does not belong hardcoded into LateralGM.
  • Fixes a UI issue with any JCheckBox on a JToolBar by using setOpaque(false) to allow the gradient of the toolbar to be drawn (affects Swing look and feel, was also done in lgm16b4).
  • Fixes an issue with the about frame locking up with OpenJDK. It was caused by a method being called that had no effect, it was to change the cursor for hyperlinks, and it was also being passed null instead of Cursor.DEFAULT.
  • Reduces the size of the exported jar by removing things like old splash screens from the jar description. This was a mistake I neglected to consider in earlier releases.
  • Fixes property mappings in the sound editor. I had some of the keys messed up before which was making the editors save the properties wrong.
  • Fixes #230 by adding the missing "Alpha Tolerance" property to the sprite editor. I also had to patch the underlying algorithm to behave the same as GM8.1, it was using the wrong comparison operator.
  • Drag and drop importer for resource menus implemented. You can now drag a resource from the project tree over to the parent selector on an object for example. This is consistent with the way it behaves in GM: Studio.
  • Adds instance renaming to the room editor. Before I was disposing of the names because I didn't understand their purpose. Now that I do, when you import a GMK the default instance name will be "inst_" + the id of the instance. Instance name's will no longer be lost when saving a GMX. Instance id's are also now saved in GMX, even though Studio will remove them, it will not error with them in the GMX. This resolves #245 fully.
  • No longer removes the ability to edit a script when you have an external editor configured. You can use both the external editor and the built in editor. Both sets of buttons will appear, and it will behave as the sprite editor does.
  • Redesigned the preferences frame with a new layout. It now looks very consistent and uses proper alignment of controls. A huge improvement over the mess that was the old layout.
  • Implements community and submit issue command links to the Help menu for convenience. All are configurable from preferences as expected.
  • Implements captions for code actions using a comment on the first line like GM8.1 and GMS from #233. A highly requested feature, it ignores leading whitespace and is pretty robust.
  • Fully resolves #161 and removes earlier fixes. LGM does not even have the code for writing action libraries, if we find a need for it then we can worry about caching the icons. For now I've decided to simply remove the transparency and crop the icons to 24x24 as recommended by the Mark Overmars extension maker manual. There is no padding now and GM LIBs work perfectly now as they do in GM8.1

RobertBColton added some commits Jan 26, 2016

All the changes for
All the changes for
All the changes for
All the changes for
All the changes for
All the changes for
All the changes for 1.8.7
Adds keyboard shortcuts
The shortcuts for Bold, Underline, and Italic were missing in the game
info editor. I've added them to the properties file and also fixed the
formatting a little bit in the file. I broke lines over 100 characters and
added $NON-NLS-1$ where it was missing. Also fixed an indentation
inconsistency in ResourceMenu.

RobertBColton added some commits Jan 29, 2016

Implements code action comment feature
Removes leading whitespace like GM and breaks on newlines.
Break on newlines
Break when encountering a newline or carriage return.
Revises code action caption with a regex
Josh helped me create a regex to do the work. It will match the second
line if the comment is there so long as the first line is blank, which
Josh is ok with. Seems to work in all of my test cases too, looks good, GM
games work with it.
No need to translate some of these regular expression patterns.
Add a comment for code action feature
It may be hard to find later so I added a little comment so it's easy to
tell what those lines are doing.
Fixes regular expressions.
Various corner cases we had to work out. It works great now.
Fixes formating in GmObjectFrame
One line went past 100 characters.
Some changes
Fixes UI bug with Swing look and feel by setting JCheckBoxes on any
JToolBar to transparent, setOpaque(false). This allows the checkbox to
have the gradient background of the toolbar, was also done in the original
b4 code if you go back and view it. Also shows the exception handling
frame now with external editor failure. Removes "lateralgm.jar" from
.gitignore because it is already covered by *.jar and is redundant.
Cleans up MDI frame
Removes patches for Windows look and feel complaints, they were hacked by
me at best and overkill for LGM's code.
Removes the old Swing icon pack
We haven't used it for several versions, and it's making the project look
bloated in Eclipse. Normally I'd continue to just leave them sit but
master really does not need them.
Disable unfinished preferences
Hides the code editor preferences from the tree until those are finished
and disables the backup preferences until someone implements them.
Adds missing icons
Adds the missing icons for the dark version of Calico. Also includes the
new package icon, so now the only icons we depend on are Calico. Corrects
alignment with a few of the existing icons as well.
remove uneeded line, the entire layout of the sprite frame is different
from lgm16b4, no need to keep this code.
Some additional cleanup
Removes remaining duct tape for the Windows look and feel. Also formats
some comments in the main class.
Remove old comment
The text fields work just fine, the same as every other text field on the
preferences frame. The real issue is possible that they all need a minimum
size, as does the whole frame.
Remove old code
Keyboard shortcuts were already moved to a properties file. Also formatted
some of my old code in ActionList so it's no longer a mixture of tabs and
spaces, only tabs.

RobertBColton added a commit that referenced this pull request Feb 5, 2016

@RobertBColton RobertBColton merged commit 220dc7d into IsmAvatar:master Feb 5, 2016

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