LateralGM 1.8 Improvements #44

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RobertBColton commented May 6, 2013

Added context menu strip to script editor, outlined sprite effects tab, and
made default room editor size a little bigger.

IsmAvatar and others added some commits Jan 22, 2012

Hooked in JoshEdit to relevant components. Note that this is an abrup…
…t change, so JEdit (old module) will no longer work without significant adaptation.
Added delegate requestFocusInWindow to GMLTextArea for compat with
JEdit. Removed some commented code that isn't needed anymore.
Fixed InstantiableResource comparison cloning not copying over ID.
Updated JoshEdit (bugfix).
The cloning potentially created resources with weird IDs.
Most notably, this fixes unchanged resources thinking they changed.
Made sure that this doesn't conflict with user-duplicated resources.
Deleted JoshEdit (now linked via classpath).
Deleted some unused JEdit stuff.
Deleted leftover debug verbosity from InstantiableResource.
Replaced last dependencies on Comparator with InherentlyUnique class.
InherentlyUnique defined in Util with .isEquals method and a static
convenience List<InherentlyUnique> comparison method.
May require some additional tweaking for Arguments, etc.?
LateralGM Improvements
Added context menu strip to script editor, outlined sprite effects tab, and
made default room editor size a little bigger.
Refactored Icons
Reverted some of the Icons me and Ism thought were bad and added the Extension
Replace Icons
Fixed the rest of the unliked icons.
Final Icons
Replaced the rest of the disputed icons.

RobertBColton added some commits May 7, 2013

Theming System
Outlined a system for loading themes and different icons pack, preferences
frame will be next, also added my self to the about box.
Preferences and Extensions
Added a window for both and properly implemented buttons and their resource
nodes in the resource tree using the listeners etc.
Repeat Texture
Created a LateralGM background texture for the MDI as an SVG for when ENIGMA
is not plugged in.
Remove Repeat SVG
Removing the repeat SVG I just added I did not know LGM already had one :P
Context Menus
Added a context menu to the game information window and added key bindings to
the GMLTextArea one as well.
Toolbar Cleanup
Cleaned up the toolbar code in the Game Information window and also added the
other cut copy paste undo redo buttons to it.
Tooltips and Preferences
Added tooltips to some toolbar buttons and made the theme load from preferences
Implemented Preferences
Added the preferences that are saved, stored, and loaded, to the preferences
window for toggling to the theme and icon pack.
Keybindings Resource Tree
Added the key bindings for the resource tree nodes/items for cheeseboy.
Object Information Frame
Added the information frame for all objects it works %100 and also fixed a bug
with the setting of the look and feel and made the resource tree drag and
dropabble and added some other missing things and general bug fixes and code
Remove ~ Files
Removed the stupid git ~ file duplication Isms too lazy to put on ignore.
Fixed the License and Readme
To includy myself.
Toggleable Drag And Drop and Object Information
Added the ability to toggle drag and drop editor from appearing it has a neat
system me and Josh already discussed you just hit edit on an event and it opens
the first code action prepending it if it does not exist. Also added the
object information window which gives an accurate detail of the objects action
sequences, and some other improvements.
Removing Silk Icons
Removing the non GPL compatible icons from Isms set, they need to be replaced
with the SVG versions you guys made or the buttons will show up wrong.
Preferences Frame and Object Info
Finished up most of the preferences frame and its layout as well as the
object information frame and some other bug fixes and tweaks as well as the
option to turn off extra nodes in the resource tree.
Game Information Thread
Fixed the bug with the game information window opening. Be careful with the
way I fixed it and be sure to read my comments.
Fixed Regression
Fixed regressive behaviour that was caused by making the events/actions static.
Fixed Bugs
Fixed the bug with object info. window no realizing recent changes to actions
because I had it saving instead of telling the node to realize.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/joshedit'
Merged JoshEdit and suppressed deprecated Java overrides as well as readded my
context menu to the code editor.
Fixed Line Numbering
Made line numbering not be bold and be right aligned to its content area like
most line numbering in script editors.
Fixed Bugs
Fixed static reference bug in the runnable jar, and somehow magically fixed it
from freezing at the population of communication buffer. Also fixed an issue
with the room editor not opening.
Fixed Icons
Icons were set up wrong in the eclipse project file.
Fixed merge conflict
Fixed the merge conflict with the gitignore file.
Fixed merge conflict
Fixed merge conflict in GMLTextArea
Reverting Static
Reverting a member variable I made static in one class.
Fixed Bugs
Undid the static references I added to MDIManager and fixed a bug with opening
object info window when there are no events.
Fixed Various Bugs
Fixed bugs in the code editor such as the autocompeltion window not showing in
the correct location. Added the "Insert subimage from file" button to the sprite
editor for cheeseboy. Also fixed the replace all button on the find and replace
Several bug fixes and improvements.
I updated the splash screen and added Josh's GPL Callico icon pack. As well
as fixed bugs in the find and replace window and the code editor as well as
added missing buttons.
Fixed Josh Icons
Exported them to the correct aspect ratio and size. Commit is ready to be merged.
Fixed License
I accidentally copied it to the wrong place, LGM one and the Calico icon one
are now safe. Also changed the default protocal for manual urls.
Splash Font
Fixed It.
Fixed License Issues
Did all the license stuff Ism wanted and properly credited Josh Ventura.
Removed Extra Files
Removed the extra uneeded files.

IsmAvatar added a commit that referenced this pull request May 20, 2013

Merge pull request #44 from RobertBColton/master
Robert's First Improvements. Adds some needed panels and menus. Adds new selectable icon set.

@IsmAvatar IsmAvatar merged commit 289d246 into IsmAvatar:master May 20, 2013

This was referenced May 23, 2013

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