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Java Google App Engine boilerplate
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Each branch has README File with different Technologies.


  1. Embedded Jetty


  1. Platform: Java EE 1.7
  2. Dependency Injection: Java CDI -> weld implementation
  3. JAX-RS: Resteasy
  4. JSON data binding: JacksonFeature provided by jersey
  5. XML data binding: N/A
  6. Logging API: SLF4j API latest
  7. Logging Impl: logback latest
  8. Build System: gradle 1.8

Software Design

  1. Presentation Tier:
    1. Front controller (Jersey dispatcher servlet)
    2. Dispatcher View can be used by a CDI ConfigurationInjectionManager
    3. Intercepting filters (Authorization)
    4. MVC on the backend (model(business layer services), views(JSP), controllers(jersey))
    5. MVC on the frontend if needed: (model (local storage or other), view (css, html,JS), controller(JS))
  2. Business Logic Tier:
    1. Business Delegate (If EJBs are used it will reduce EJB direct calls and group EJBs together as a service)
  3. Database Tier: DAO


  1. Gradle => build.gradle
  2. Java CDI => com.marmoush.birj.config.MyApplicationWEB-INF/beans.xml
  3. Java CDI for injectable configurations 3.src/main/resources/
  4. Jersey => com.marmoush.birj.config.MyApplication
  5. Jersey Controllers => @Path("...") annotated classes
  6. JSON serialization => com.marmoush.birj.config.MyApplication
  7. JSP mapping => com.marmoush.birj.config.MyApplication
  8. logback => src/main/resources/logback.groovy
  9. jetty logging => src/main/resources/


  1. The gradle eclipse plugin uses gradle 1.5, I use gradle1.8 through commandline and it's actually better
  2. after adding gradle1.8/bin/gradle to PATH etc..
  3. $gradle tasks --all // to view all tasks
  4. $gradle cleanEclipse eclipse // clean then add dependencies as list of folders
  5. In eclipse: project name > properties> facet > check dynamic web modules > 3.1 > runtimes tab> check glassfish > apply
  6. Repeat 5,6,7 everytime a new depedency is added


application path and any defined servlet => localhost:8080//... Jersey Application path => localhost:8080//restfuljersey/...

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