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                          Ismole MooENV

  What is it?

  MooENV is a powerful and intelligent PHP web environment deploy solution.
  MooENV could help you deploy L.A.M.P or L.N.M.P with NoSQL service support
  environment on CentOS 5/6 Linux system. MooENV contain Apache, Nginx, PHP,
  MySQL, Memcached, Tokyo-Tyrant/Tokyo-Cabinet and all dependent packages,
  also, MooENV could optimize system performance and set up auto backup policy
  for PHP web environment. With MooPHP, set up a L.A.M.P/L.N.M.P environment
  in 10 minutes. Just enjoy it!

  The Latest Version

  Details of the latest version can be found on the MooENV project page under 


  Please see the file called INSTALL.


  MooENV release under GNU GPL version 3 license.


     o If you want to report bug, security issue or request new feature for MooENV, 
       please send mail to <>

     o For other support for MooENV, please join us by visit