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ISN Protocols C Library for use in Embedded Systems
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ISN Protocols C Library for use in Embedded Systems for rapid development of ARM and other micro-controllers assisted with free and cross-platform Isotel IDM Software ( features:

  • real-time development and debugging support, especially targetting electronics and control applications in which systems cannot be just stopped and stepped thru line by line,
  • immediate deployment and integration into python, web, and other test frameworks, and IoT
  • use of pytests to make a better (reliable) hardware
  • very small footprint and cpu load on micro-controller side while supporting full I/O in various ways either as fully transparent I/O that translates to tcp/ip sockets, or higher-level message layer, that nicely translates to json with full graphical user-interface support and plotting support
  • MCU: send and receive C structures, annotated to represent real values with units and optional accuracy,
  • form complex presentations thru cross-reference variables, tables, headings, sections, supporting integer, floating point, little and big endian, and arbitrary length bit-sizes formats.

Learn more about about the protocol

Uros Platise, Isotel

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