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The parser generates Chrono dynamic systems from files, generated by Multibody Web GUI Mbs.Isymtec.Ai
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Chrono parser for Mbs.Isymtec.Ai

The parser generates Chrono dynamic systems from files, generated by Multibody Web GUI Mbs.Isymtec.Ai



  • Install Cmake
  • Install and build Chrono on your computer, as explained here
    • Important: install ChronoEngine_irrlicht library of Chrono
    • Recommended compilers: Microsoft Visual C++: Visual Studio from 2017 for Windows, GNU C++ compiler for Linux-based platforms
  • Start CMake
    • Use Browse source... by setting the source directory of the parser (e.g. c:/chronoisymtecaiparser_source)
    • Use Browse build... by setting a new empty directory for the output project (e.g. c:/chronoisymtecaiparser_build)
  • Configure CMake
    • Press the Configure button in CMake
    • When prompted to pick a generator, select the same compiler that you used to compile Chrono
    • Important: set the Chrono_DIR variable. This is the Cmake directory that you find in the directory where you built Chrono (e.g. C:/chrono_build/cmake)
    • If you want to use irrlicht for the visualization of converted models, enable ENABLE_MODULE_IRRLICHT flag (be sure, that the irrlicht module of Chrono is compiled)
    • Press the Configure button again
  • Generate the project
    • Press the Generate button in CMake. A project will be created in the build directory (e.g. c:/chronoisymtecaiparser_build)
    • Important: To compile a non-release version, rename firstly c:\chrono_build\bin\Debug to c:\chrono_build\bin\Release

How To use

Animate the generated model

Start demo_IRR_IsymtecAi_parser

$ demo_IRR_IsymtecAi_parser.exe  myExample.isym

Several model examples can be found in \data\isymtecAi folder

Simulate and save simulation results

Simulation Unit-Tests (e.g. CHSimulationTestModelFourBar.cpp) demonstrate how to use the generated Chrono models

Run tests

  • Compile RUN_TESTS project

External Modules

The project includes muparser library as a source code (MIT license).

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