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A collection of my Fail2Ban jails.
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A collection of Fail2Ban jails for Nginx

This repo contains a collection of filters to match certain criteria in Nginx logs.

Enabling a jail

To enable a jail, first copy the filter .conf file into your filter.d directory, an then create a configuration file in your jail.d directory and add the jail you want.

For example, to enable the nginx-badbots jail, create a file named nginx-badbots.conf in Fail2Ban's jail.d directory, and add the following :


enabled  = true
port     = http,https
# This line is not required anymore in the latest f2b releases
filter   = nginx-badbots
logpath  = /var/log/nginx/*access.log
# The number of time a given IP may match the filter during `bantime` seconds before
# being banned
maxretry = 1
# The duration of the ban in seconds (86400 seconds is equal to 24 hours)
bantime = 86400

After enabling the jail, don't forget to reload Fail2Ban with sudo fail2ban-client reload

Requesting a new filter

If you need a filter that is not present in this repo, you can always open an issue, and I will maybe create it.

You way as well submit your own filters through push requests.

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