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INFINIDAT Snapshot Handling Utility for HPUX

Written By Itai Weisman, Solution Engineering Team Leader, INFINIDAT.

Change Control

Version Who What When
1.0 Itai Weisman Gensis July 29th, 2018
1.1 Itai Weisman Snap Refresh July 29th, 2018


Host PowerTools and infinishell are currently not provided for HPUX. the Python distribution avaialble on HPUX is also not very stable and do not allow using infinisdk or similar. to mitigate this, I wrote this tool which is avaialble for HPUX releases and written in perl. it uses some perl modules including REST::Client and JSON. a compiled and link version (using perl2exe) is also provided, which allows running this script without installing perl or its modules. additional script named "" is avaialble to create a credentials file with hasehd password.


For Creating Snapshot

perl ./ create <ibox_name> <volume name> <snapshot name>

For Refreshing a Snapshot

perl ./ refresh <ibox_name> <volume name> <snapshot name>

For Mapping Snapshot To Host

perl ./ create <ibox_name> <snapshot name> <host name>

Setting Credentails

perl ./

Box name, user and password will be asked

Modules In Use

REST::Client, JSON, MIME::Base64, Data::Dumper, Switch, Term::ReadKey