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Custom mLinux images for TTN
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Custom mLinux images for The Things Network

These are custom mLinux images for the Multitech MultiConnect® Conduit™ and MultiConnect® Conduit™ AP built for use as The Things Network gateways.

For details on how these images differ from the standard images, see the appropriate branch in meta-ttni layer. For example, for mLinux 3.x see the mlinux-3 branch


To install one of these images on a Conduit or Conduit AP, download the relevent image for your hardware. The subdirectories below the version are named mtcdt for Conduit images and mtcap for Conduit AP images.

root@mtcdt:~# wget
root@mtcdt ~# /usr/sbin/mlinux-firmware-upgrade /home/root/ttni-base-image-mtcdt-upgrade-withboot.bin

Note that by default, most of the configuration of you Conduit or Conduit AP is lost when doing a firmware upgrade. So preform an upgrade before configuring your device or be prepared to reconfigure.

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