Monitor TTN network gateways and send e-mails
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The Things Network

Monitoring of The Things Network Gateways

This script monitors TTN gateways, and sends e-mails when a problem is detected, or gateway parameters change. It also sends a daily summary of all TTN gateways for which you are listed as an owner.

Table of Contents

  1. Initial Setup
  2. Gateway Summary
  3. Configuration File
  4. Docker
  5. TODO

Initial Setup

Install required packages

Install required packages. On Debian/Ubuntu this would be

sudo apt-get install git python-dateutil unzip

Clone the repo

git clone

Enter the new directory

cd ttn-monitor

Authenticate to your TTN account

Click this link and authenticate to TTN, if necessary. Copy the provided token and login with:

bin/ttnctl user login TOKEN

Start the monitor in test mode

bin/monitor --test -v

In test mode, e-mails will be sent to the from address, not to the e-mail addresses of the gateway. Verbose (-v) mode will show you what is happening.

For each gateway you want to monitor

Have the owner add you as a collaborator with at least gateway:status privs. To do this with the ttnctl command do the following:

bin/ttnctl gateway collaborators GWID USERNAME gateway:status gateway:location

note that gateway:location rights is optional.

From the GUI you can edit gateway settings and add collaborators there. It does not seem to be possible to add just gateway:status rights via the GUI; any collborators assigned via the GUI appear to have gateway:settings rights.

Gateway Summary

bin/monitor --summary

This will print a summary of all the gateways on your account in a format similar to the TTN Console.

Configuration File

A configuration file can be used to specify defaults for command line options, group gateways togather and specify per-gateway information.

By default ttn-monitor tries to open .ttn-monitor.yaml in the current directory. If that does not exist it tries to open ~/.ttn-monitor.yaml. The --config option on the command line can be used to explicity specify a config file from the command line.

The config file is in YAML format.

Global parameters:

  • from: Specify the sending e-mail address
  • test: Specify test mode (true or false)
  • late: Time in seconds to consider a gateway non-responseive (default 90)
  • timeout: Time between gateway polls in seconds (default 300)
  • cc: Specify additional Cc addresses

Group defaults:

  • cc: Specify additional Cc addresses
  • to: Override gateway To address

Gateway parameters:

  • alias: A short name of a gateway
  • cc: Specify additional Cc addresses
  • to: Override gateway To address


  test: true

    alias: ttn-ith-bosak
    alias: ttn-ith-cce
    alias: ttn-ith-mcci
    alias: ttn-ith-ecovillage
    alias: ttn-ith-test
    alias: ttn-nyc-mcci
    alias: ttn-nyc-ccny
    alias: ttn-nyc-ffiller
    alias: ttn-nyc-midtown
    alias: ttn-nyc-chelsea


Work is in progress on building a Docker container to run ttn-monitor.

There are a couple of advantages of running ttn-monitor in a Docker container. The first is that all pre-requesites can be included, both Linux packages and python packages and some configuration files.

Another advantage is that the monitor-status.db needs to be in sync with changes in the code. Whenever the code chages, the Docker container will be rebuilt without that file.


Enhancements planned

  • ttnctl
    • Check for updates
  • Pushbullet support
  • Slack postings
  • Web page