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Gradle Dotnet Plugin Build Status GitHub release (latest by date) License

This plugin allows executing dotnet cli commands for building dotnet projects. It supports only project with sdk format.

Supported tasks are

  • dotnetClean
  • dotnetBuild
  • dotnetTest
  • dotnetNugetPush
  • dotnetInstallSonar
  • sonarqube

It also supports project file parsing, and some basic up-to-date checks to skip the build. You can access the properties via project.dotnet.allProjects and project.dotnet.mainProject. dotnet restore will be done at project evaluation phase to make sure all project properties can be retrieved.

Plugin applies the LifecycleBasePlugin automatically, and hooks tasks to standard lifecycle, such as clean, assemble and build. if publising plugin is applied, dotnetNugetPush task will hook on publish


  • .Net Core SDK 3.1 / .Net 5.0 / .Net 6.0
  • Gradle 6.1

To Apply

plugins {
    id 'com.itiviti.dotnet'


buildscript {
    repositories {
        maven {
            url ''

    dependencies {
        classpath 'com.itiviti.gradle:gradle-dotnet-plugin:1.6.1'

apply plugin: 'com.itiviti.dotnet'


For finding all available options and explanations, please refer to src/main/kotlin/com/itiviti/extensions/

dotnet {
    // where dotnet sdk is installed, default is to use the one specified in PATH
    dotnetExecutable = 'dotnet'

    // the workingDir of the dotnet cli, default is the current directory
    workingDir = '.'

    // the solution / csproj to be built, it will search the workingDir if not specified
    solution = 'my-solution.sln'

    // configuration to be used, default is Release
    configuration = 'Release'

    // Log verbosity of dotnet command
    verbosity = 'Normal'

    // Stop builds if pre-release is detected, can be used when building release build, default is false
    preReleaseCheck = false

    restore {
        // Specifies to not cache packages and HTTP requests.
        noCache = false

        // Forces all dependencies to be resolved even if the last restore was successful. Specifying this flag is the same as deleting the project.assets.json file.
        force = false

        // Delay dotnet restore until dotnetBuild rather than in evaluation phase, could lead to missing project properties due to missing dependencies
        beforeBuild = false

    build {
        // Any build parameter to be passed to msbuild, as /p:key=value, for example
        maxCpuCount = ''

        // Default values applied
        version = project.version
        packageVersion = project.version

    test {
        // filter test to be executed, or use command arguments --dotnet-tests to override (similar to --tests)
        filter = ''

        // test run settings file, no default value
        settings = file(".runsettings")

        // collect code coverage via coverlet, default is true
        collectCoverage = true

        // coverlet output formats, default is opencover
        coverletOutputFormat = 'opencover'

        // [sonar aware] coverlet output path, it must be a directory, default is build/reports/coverlet/
        coverletOutput = file('build/reports/coverlet/')

        nunit {
            // [sonar aware] nunit output path, default is build/reports/nunit/
            testOutputXml = file('build/reports/nunit/')

    nugetPush {
        // The API key for the server.
        apiKey = ''
        // Nuget feed url, default is DefaultPushSource in Nuget config if not set
        source = ''

    sonarqube {
        // version of dotnet-sonarscanner to be installed as global dotnet tool, default is latest
        version = '3.7.1'


Follows the same configuration syntax as the Sonar Scanner for Gradle plugin.

Example usage

plugins {
    id 'com.itiviti.dotnet-sonar'

sonarqube {
    properties {
        property 'sonar.projectKey', 'my.project.key'
        property 'sonar.language', 'cs'
        property '', 'https://my-sonar'


  • when sonar.projectKey is not set, it will use the project name as project key.
  • sonar.cs.nunit.reportsPaths and sonar.cs.opencover.reportsPaths are set automatically base on dotnet configuration


dotnet pack

It is not supported, recommended adding <GeneratePackageOnBuild>true</GeneratePackageOnBuild> to your csproj

dotnet test

To run testing successfully, make sure you have the following packages referenced

  • Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk
  • NUnit3TestAdapter (or other relevant adapter)

To have coverage report from coverlet, make sure

  • DebugType is set to Portable
  • Add package reference coverlet.msbuild or coverlet.collector (.net core only, for details please refer to coverlet)