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All of the main Switch buttons can be typed out in chat and work as a control. Please note that you can also press two buttons at the same time by chaining them together with an & symbol. For example, if you want to press both A and B at the same time, you would enter A & B in chat. Commands are not case-sensitive.

A / B/ X / Y
Move forward / back / left / right
Adjust Forward / Backward / Left / Right
L3 (left stick click)
R3 (right stick click)
LT (left trigger)
LB (left bumper)
RT (right trigger)
RB (right bumper)
Look Left / right / up / down

Custom Commands

Thanks to the work of one of our community members(fazzfadf), we now support the use of custom commands in chat. These should allow you to circumvent any/all situations that the main controls make difficult!

    custom(button; duration)
    custom([button; button2; ...])
    custom([button; button2; ...]; duration

    Please note that in these custom commands you use a semicolon(;) as a separator and not the usual comma(,).

Decimals between 0 (strictly greater) and 1.
When duration is not specified or is invalid, it lasts 0.02 seconds.
All time durations are measured in seconds.

  custom(lup; 1.0) #holds up on left stick for 1 second.
  custom([lup; x]) #presses up on left stick and X at the same time.
  custom([lup; x]; 0.5) #holds up on left stick and X for half a second.

Available Buttons:
A, B, X, Y

l, lb #L on joycon

r, rb #R on joycon

zl, lt #zl/left trigger on joycon

zr, rt #zr/right trigger on joycon

lclick, l3 #presses left stick

rclick, r3 #presses right stick

lup, ldown, lleft, lright #left stick movement

rup, rdown, rleft, rright #right stick movement

dup, ddown, dleft, dright, #dpad

wait #does nothing for the specified time, measured in seconds

Game Specific Commands

  • Super Mario Odyssey
    • Capture (Throws Cappy)
    • Ground Pound
    • Crouch
    • Backflip
    • Long Jump
    • Swim
    • Dive
    • Flick Up
  • Kirby Star Allies
    • Attack
    • BFF
    • Dash Kick
    • Drop Ability
    • Suck
      • Succ
    • Swallow
  • Skyrim
    • Activate
    • Sneak
    • Shout
    • Character Menu
    • Menu
    • Wait
    • Rear
    • Ready
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    • Onward (Allows Link to walk forever until told to stop)
      • Stop (Stops Link from walking)
      • Still (Stops Link from walking)
    • Run (Makes Link run)
    • Hop
      • Hop left
      • Hop right
      • Hop down
      • Hop up
      • Hop back
      • Hop backward
    • Attack
      • Bash (quick attack for when Link is catching his breath)
    • Climb
    • Focus
    • Sheikah Slate
    • Previous Rune
    • Last Rune
    • Previous Shield
    • Last Shield
    • Previous Arrow
    • Last Arrow
    • Previous Weapon
    • Last Weapon
    • Next Rune
    • Next Shield
    • Next Arrow
    • Next Weapon
    • Shoot Arrow
    • Draw Arrow
    • Use Rune
    • Shield
    • Block
    • Crouch
    • Glide
  • Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze
    • Kong Pow
      • Pow
      • KP
    • Grab
    • Throw
    • Pluck
    • Combine
    • Dismount
    • Roll Attack
    • Attack
    • Corkscrew
    • Swim
    • Keep Hold ZL (Holds ZL forever)
    • Release ZL (Undos aforementioned hold ZL command)
  • Splatoon 2
    • Keep Hold ZL (Holds ZL forever)
    • Release ZL (Undos aforementioned hold ZL command)
  • A Link to the Past
    • Walk Direction (Makes Link walk in the specified direction until told to stop)
    • Look Direction (Makes Link turn without moving)
    • Stand Still (Makes Link stop walking)
    • Stop Walking (Makes Link stop walking)
    • Stop (Makes Link stop walking)
    • Still (Makes Link stop walking)
    • Spin Attack
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    • Toggle Map (Toggles the minimap zoom)
    • Zoom Map (Same as above)
    • Target (Locks onto the enemy)
    • Engage (Locks onto the enemy and also initiates combat)
    • Menu (Pauses the game)
    • System (Brings up the system menu to allow for game saving and setting adjustment)
    • Travel (Brings up the skip travel menu which lets you fast travel)
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    • Strafe direction
    • Final Smash
    • Plus Ultra (Same as Final Smash)
    • Jump direction
    • Hop direction
    • Hold Smash direction
    • Adjust direction
    • Menu (Pauses the game)
    • Tilt direction (Tilt Attacks)
    • Special direction
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