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Releases: ItsEasyActually/AutoDemo_SpeedHighway

Welcome to Release Day!

02 Mar 17:37
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Welcome to Speed Highway

Hello everyone! @supercoolsonic and I are back again with another restored level from the AutoDemo. This time it's Speed Highway! I know many of you may remember a previous mod that restored the geometry, but this time everything has been replaced as it should be. No more flying cars, no more weird bugs. Everything's been cleaned up, patched up, and is ready for your enjoyment. This release also includes all 3 acts opposed to just being a restoration of Act 3 as the previous mod was.

Initial Release

This release includes the original level from the AutoDemo version of Speed Highway. It has been cleaned up in code, and is more polished akin to the final product.

The original splines and path data from the AutoDemo have been ported over and the necessary code has been edited so these function properly.

The original object models and vehicle models have also been ported over. You'll see some stuff that looks vastly different and some stuff...that's just more of the same.

The original camera files have been translated to work with SADX! However...there are some bugs with them. @supercoolsonic decided that to have a bit better functioning camera, he would modify the final level's cameras to better suit the terrain of this beta level. It works pretty well.

Config Options! As noted above, the original cameras were translated and we also have modified final layouts for use. By default, the mod uses these modified camera layouts as the translated ones are not up to snuff (likely due to some changes in the cameras). You can change this in the config options. You are also able to swap between the original set files from the AutoDemo and some more up to date ones with a bit more polish on them. By default, the mod uses the more polished layouts.

If you find any bugs, want to talk to us, or just want to throw someone our way, you can find me (ItsEasyActually) on twitter, or you can locate both supercoolsonic and myself on the X-Hax IRC or Discord server. We do request if you do find bugs, please post about them here