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Releases: ItsEasyActually/AutoDemo_WindyValley

Update: 1.15 More Fixes and Adjustments

10 Apr 23:07
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Hello! A major update for the Autodemo Windy Valley mod has been prepared, and we figured since it's been a while since the last official release, we'd increase the version number with a new release. The biggest addition to this release is the implementation of the bending feature for the first tornado in Act 1. It's finally been recreated, and it looks great! Since the previous release, there have also been a number of silent updates, which are listed below in addition to what's newly included in this release.


-The tornado now bends! Hurray!
-The animation for the various objects in the stage should no longer slow down drastically depending on framerate settings.
-Sonic should now be pulled into the tornado at the same speed regardless of framerate settings.
-The skybox position for Act 2 has been corrected.
-The pond in Act 1 now appears as it should.
-Fixed the rendering for the Act 1 and Act 3 skyboxes, and gave the bottom part of the Act 3 skybox a new texture.
-When you enter one of the elevators in Act 3, your momentum will be drastically reduced for a moment. This makes it safe to homing attack and spindash into them.
-Customizable movement speed for several of the floating platforms in Act 2 has been implemented, as was intended by their coding in the Autodemo. Most of the platforms move a lot faster, now.
-An untextured part of one of the floating platforms has been textured.
-The wind gust at the bottom of the slides near the end of Act 3 no longer takes 5 years to push you back up if you spindash down the slides into it.
-The draw distance for several small detail objects (grass, flowers, rocks, etc.) has been lowered a little bit to try to improve the framerate.
-A draw distance option has been added to those still struggling with frame rate when trying to play the level. Now you can use the original draw distance for most objects in the level. It's in the same options menu as the AD SET files option.
-The problem regarding item boxes, checkpoints, and the like not resetting after exiting an Act and then immediately entering that same Act as the same character has been fixed.
-Fixed an issue (hopefully) where you could shoot E-103 off the side of the ledge and he'd get stuck trying to get back up, making the fight impossible to win.
-Fixed rotation for the "strong winds" effect.
-Made it so you can't dodge the tornado when it tries to suck you up.
-Made it so the player is directly sucked into the tornado itself, rather than a set point back near where it spawns.
-Removed two pushy walls that were spawning when the transition tornado spawned.
-Made the initial bend of the tornado smoother.
-Made the last spline in Act 3 a little more accurate to what its original path was like at the end of it. Previously, I was unable to fix its rotation problems without having Sonic get stuck on it during the last loop, but now I've figured out how, with it being much more accurate to how it should be.

Update v1.05 | Fixes and Adjustments

03 Dec 01:51
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Not a whole lot to this update. We have patched in some fixes for the set files and the Act 2 camera (along with some other minor tweaks), and we have included some new textures that didn't quite make it in.

We also wanted to give a big thank you to the Sonic Hacking Contest this year! We managed to bring in some awesome trophies this year. And we just wanted to thank everyone for making the Hacking Contest so awesome this year. There were some awesome mods in there, and there was plenty of competition. We look forward to SHC 2019. We can't wait to see you all next year!


  • Several textures between all acts and objects have been tweaked to be made more accurate.
  • A suggested edit in issue #2 has been added. This does help the act play better.
  • A quick fix to hopefully deal with a possible bug with the DC Conversion mod. PkR was kind enough to account for our mod, so we have hopefully made them function together properly. If you still run into issues when running with the DC Conversion enabled, please disable Windy Valley in that mod just to be safe.

If you find any bugs, want to talk to us, or just want to throw someone our way, you can find me (ItsEasyActually) on twitter, or you can locate both supercoolsonic and myself on the X-Hax IRC or Discord server. We do request if you do find bugs, please post about them here

Release time! | v1.0

28 Oct 20:23
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Welcome Everyone!

We have arrived at the launch day of our long awaited Prototype Windy Valley mod release! This mod aimed to port as faithfully as possible the original level data for Windy Valley that was located in the Sonic Adventure AutoDemo.

This entire mod has been a love project between our development team, and supercoolsonic and I have worked tireless the last week to release this in time for the Sonic Hacking Contest. And we have made it! The past year has been a wild ride, but we are pleased to release this mod to you! Thank you all for sticking around and patiently waiting for us to reach our release.


This entire level replaces the entirety of the original Windy Valley level seen in the release versions of Sonic Adventure DX. The level data and object models were found in the Sonic Adventure AutoDemo and lacked textures and did not natively function in that build of the game. This mod has taken the level data and object data and recreated it via code reusing the assets, but recreated the code from the ground up.

The objects seen in the game are recreations based on knowledge from footage and the "working" version of the level that user evilhamwizard created by modifying the AutoDemo's binaries. We also created a disassembly of the original binary for the stage to aide us in both located all of the object data and giving us insight into how the original objects were coded. There are some additional objects that we created ourselves to place into the game due to wanting to polish this highly unfinished level from the original data. The T_Spring object (yellow spring island in Act 2, original object to the level but lacked any model data), the bridge poles (did not originally exist), and several unreferenced models were added to complete the level. Additionally, there are gear and bolt objects added to the level in reference to the flashback scene from Amy's Story. These objects are not featured in the layouts, however if you wish to add them yourself in any layout modifications, please feel free to!

All of the textures were recreated as faithfully as they can be. Without the original texture data, we can only do so much to create usable assets that both resemble the original textures and keep up with a decent quality so it's not muddy in-game. We have done our best to use textures that retain the original feel and look of the level. This was one of the hardest parts of development, but we are satisfied enough at this point. These will likely continue to be updated as time goes on, especially if we ever see a build with the original textures in place.


You will need the SADXModLoader setup on an install of SADX. Please download the AD_Windy.7z file, and unzip its contents to the mods folder. This can be found in your SADX install with the ModLoader. Then open the SADXModLoader and select it from the list. Now you can boot up your game and the mod should be loaded. 

If you are a BetterSADX user, you can follow the same instructions to install this mod if you previously did not have it installed. If you have used PkR's installer, this mod is also included within the install. You can follow these same instructions as well if you did not install via that method.

If this mod is being used in conjunction with the DC Conversion Mod, please see below:

Please load the DC Conversion mod first. And please go into the configuration options for the DC Conversion mod and disable Windy Valley. Unfortunately, there are some conflicts of code between the two mods, and the easiest solution is to simply disable Windy Valley on the DC Conversion mod's end.

Special Thanks

MainMemory, SonicFreak94, PkR, NiTRO, Kell, LastBreath, HalfHeartHero, DaGuAr, Windii and the many fans who have supported this project since the beginning.

Here's the YT video featuring the higher quality Tokyo International Release that aided us in development of this mod

If you find any bugs, want to talk to us, or just want to throw someone our way, you can find me (ItsEasyActually) on twitter, or you can locate both supercoolsonic and myself on the X-Hax IRC or Discord server. We do request if you do find bugs, please post about them here

Thank you all again for your continued support. We hope to see you again before too long with more updates!