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GIF Storage

Storage place for all my favorite gifs.

looks like im working

Forked from Joel Glovier's awesome project and customized to my liking.

Main changes:

  • Moved all gifs into a main gif-library folder
  • Restructured gif output html
  • Redesigned page (in progress)
  • Added search filtering to find gifs a little faster


Original Project info:


Feel free to open a pull request if you have a gif that you really think belongs in here. However, I will only accept images that I think I will personally want to use.

I'm not trying to build a comprehensive storage place for the world's best gifs, just trying to organize all the gifs I personally use. I sync these locally, so I'll be somewhat selective about adding new stuff. That said, feel free to suggest ones you think are awesome, and if I don't accept the PR just fork the repo and add to your own! 👍

Curating your own gif library

You can also fork this repository to your own account, and have your own gif library. Once you fork to your own account, you can even host your own GH Pages site (like mine) by editing or removing the CNAME file in your fork accordingly.

To update the site index on the GH Pages site, you'll need to run the index build script. Just clone the project to your local machine, open Terminal, and cd into the repo. Then, run script/build_site_index and commit your changes. Once the new index is commited to your gh-pages branch, it will be live on your site as soon as the CDN updates (usually within a few minutes).

Gifwit support

Thanks to @orderedlist, you can quickly access all the gifs in my repo via the handy OSX app Gifwit. Just download the library.gifwit file and open in Gifwit. Gifwit will import all the gifs from the repo and you'll be able to easily access the production URLs via keyboard shortcuts. ⚡


Storage for all my gifs!






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