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πŸ“š Today I Learned... how to store tutorial documents
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Today I Learned...


Tutorial document store for students


Please ensure you have the following dependencies:

  • Node 8.14.0 or 10.14.2
  • yarn 1.12.3
  • Docker version 18.09.0 (if you want to work with the Docker container)

To build the project locally perform the following steps:

  1. Clone the repo
    git clone
  2. Add your environment variables into a .env file
    # the .env.example file contains the necessary variables for the app
    # you'll need to change the dummy values to your own ones
    cp .env.example .env
  3. Go into website/ and install the dependencies
    cd website/
    yarn install
  4. Run the project
    yarn start
    This will start the project at localhost:3000

If you're using Docker use docker-compose at the root directory of the project:

docker-compose up

Which will start the project at localhost:3000

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