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Radon 2.0 will no longer be maintained - it will be replaced by Radon 3.0.0 (see note at bottom)

Radon is a Java bytecode obfuscator that I conceptualized in my freshman year of high school. I use Radon to experiment with obfuscation and to learn various parts of Java bytecode.

Check the wiki for usage or maybe even the Discord.

This project is not likely to be production-safe nor bug free. If you would like some pointers to production-safe (more or less) and less buggy Java bytecode obfuscators, I would suggest one of these:

Additionally, here are some other obfuscators for Java that you could check out for fun:

Build Instructions

Run the following (and hope nothing breaks):

./gradlew build

Or if you're on Windows:

gradlew.bat build

Should that somehow not work, use the following instead:

./gradlew clean shadowJar

P.S. For those wondering why there aren't any prebuilt releases, if you can't figure out how to use Gradle, should you really be using an obfuscator? ;) [end of snarkiness]


GNU General Public License v3.0 (The cancer license)

Regarding Radon 3.0.0

The rewrite of Radon is now somewhat active again and is slowly but surely approaching being merged into the master branch. Check the "radon-3" branch for progress!

P.S. If I actually somehow manage to get to the GUI, it will be in JavaFX because it's a bit less cancerous than Java Swing. :P