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+# jQuery Prediction Plugin
+>___This is far from done yet, so don't expect it to work at all. But watch this project cause it wont be long before it'll be usable___
+## What is Prediction
+Prediction is a simple plugin to make word or sentence prediction/completion/recognition/suggestion on text input or textarea.
+## Usage
+> ___Do not use title selector as selector cause the script will remove that attribute.___
+ $(function() {
+ $('input.class').suggest();
+ });
+## Options
+* ### live:
+ Define if the trigger event should be bound as a live event.
+ * __Type:__ `Boolean`
+ * __Default:__ `true`
+## Contributing
+__1.__ Fork it.
+__2.__ Make changes.
+__3.__ Create a pull request.
+__4.__ Enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting.
+## Forking
+> _By forking this project you hereby grant permission for any commits to your fork to be merged back into this repository and, with attribution, be released under the terms of the MIT License._
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