Project files of the Dual Strike PCB.
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All code, schematics, PCB designs, firmware and other files included within the folder this file is residing in are licensed under the GNU Public License V3 if not otherwise stated, see license.txt for more details.

Hardware Design Copyright 2009 Jochen Zurborg (

Firmware Copyright 2009 Jochen Zurborg, 2010 Michael Pohl (

MCCF Copyright 2010 Michael Pohl


The Dual Strike is a project of a easy-to-use controller PCB. Dual Strike works on any PC (including Mac, Windows 7/Vista/XP/2K/98, and Linux) as well as Playstation 3 systems.

This makes the dual strike the perfect solution for customers who want to build an arcade stick.

Folder Layout

  • Firmware
    • Releases: The previously released firmware packages.
    • Trunk: The current developer code.
  • Hardware
    • V1: The schematics and other documentation for the PCB layout.