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Spring Mobile Lite Showcase


This sample app demonstrates many of the capabilities of the Spring Mobile Device module, including:

  • "Lite" device resolution through the use of DeviceResolverHandlerInterceptor
  • Site preference management
  • Site switching configured for the URL Path strategy

Build and Run the Sample Application

  1. Build the app:

    $ mvn clean install
  2. Deploy the .war to a Servlet 2.5 or > ServletContainer. This can be done via Maven on the command-line by running:

    $ mvn tomcat:run

    Note: Alternatively, you may import the project into your IDE and deploy to a Servlet 2.5 or > container such as Tomcat 6 or 7.

  3. Access the project at the following URL:


    Note: Accessing this URL from your browser versus an Android emulator or iOS simulator will demonstrate the functionality

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