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EasyORM O/R mapping library
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EasyORM library tutorial.pdf


EasyORM library - BETA 

The EasyORM library is a lightweight (~40kB) O/R mapping library designed to be easy and intuitive to use.  It 
targets mostly small to mid-sized projects that communicate with a database either directly or through a web container (e.g Tomcat)

What EasyORM does

- wraps the JDBC API

- pools and reuses database connections via the ConnectionPool class

- supports simple transaction management via the DBTransaction class including commits, rollbacks and isolation levels

- maps result sets to plain Java objects  and persists Java objects to a database (O/R mapping)

- supports the active record pattern enhanced to an active range pattern

- supports batch updates

- supports calling stored procedures

- provides some generic query methods that work on any Java type

- provides support for tables and views

- provides integrated logging 

- includes a POJO generator functionality

What EasyORM does not do

- it does not support EJB, JPA or any other JavaEE technologies

- it does not try to convert an incompatible Java type to an SQL type (e.g. Long/long to Date etc)


1. This file

2. The EasyORM.jar (EasyORM library binaries - updated) 

3. The (EasyORM library binaries plus source)

4. The EasyORM library tutorial (to be updated soon!!)

If you have any questions or would like to contribute to this project,  contact me at
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