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Nov 17, 2016

Public GraphQL APIs

A collective list of public GraphQL APIs. PRs are welcome 😄 If you are interested in GraphQL in general, check out awesome-graphql.

Official APIs

API Description GraphiQL Docs/Repo
AniList Anime and manga datum, including character, staff, and live airing data. Try it! Docs
Artsy free online platform for collecting and discovering art Try it! Repo
Bitquery on-chain blockchain analytics Try it! Docs
Braintree Payment platform Try it! Docs
Buildkite Continuous integration and deployments Try it! Docs
Catalysis Hub Chemical surface reaction energies and structures Try it! Repo
Changetrip The Chargetrip API gives you the ability to integrate smart, EV-specific routing into products built for electric car drivers. Try it! Docs
CommerceTools e-commerce solutions Try it! Docs
Contentful "CMS as a Service". GraphiQL demo allows to query a simple blog, but the library itself generates a schema automatically for any content model you store in Contentful. Try it! Docs
Countries Information about countries, continents, and languages, based on Countries List Try it! Repo
Countries v2 Country related data like currencies, languages, flags, regions+subregions, bordering countries, distance to other countries and much more Try it! Repo
Deutsche Bahn Infrastructure Data, like realtime facility status, stations, timetables and more Try it! Repo
Digitransit HSL Transit routes and realtime schedules from Helsinki Regional Transport Authority, Finland Try it! Docs
EAN-Search Search barcodes and products Try it! Docs
EHRI Holocaust-related archival materials Try it! Docs
EtMDB Ethiopian Movie Database Try it! Docs
FaunaDB Serverless GraphQL Database Try it! Docs
Gdom DOM Traversing and Scraping using GraphQL Try it! Repo
GitHub Web-based Git repository hosting service Try it! Docs
GitLab Host-your-own Git repository hosting service Try it! Docs
GraphLoc Find a geolocation of an IP address including latitude, longitude, city, country, time zone and area code. Free to use, SSL supported Try it! Docs
GraphQL Jobs GraphQL jobs in modern startups Try it! Docs
HIVDB A curated database to represent, store and analyze HIV drug resistance data Try it! Docs
Idobata Dedicated chat for team development. Try it!
leanIX Tools for business strategy Docs
Pipefy The operations excellence platform. Try it! Docs
Mattermark Business research and networking Docs
Memair Quantified self / extended mind platform Try it! Docs
melodyRepo Fast and reliable dependency manager for Go Try it! Docs
React Finland React Finland API is built with conferences and meetups in mind Try it! Repo
Shopify Storefront The Storefront API gives you full creative control to build customized purchasing experiences for your customers. Try it! Docs
Shopify Admin The Admin API is the primary way that apps and services interact with Shopify. Try it! Docs
SWOP GraphQL and REST foreign exchange rate API. Note: Required registration. Try it! Docs
Universe Check what your friends are doing & find unique events near you using our filter. Try it! Docs
Yelp User Reviews and Recommendations of Top Restaurants, Shopping, Nightlife, Entertainment, Services and More Try it! Docs
TravelgateX The global marketplace for the travel trade Try it! Docs
TCGdex A Multilanguage Pokémon TCG Database with Cards Pictures and most of the informations contained on the cards. Try it! Repo

Unofficial API proxies

API Description GraphiQL Docs/Repo
Barcelona Urban Mobility API Information about the different public transport / urban mobility services of Barcelona Try it! Repo
Câmara dos deputados Brasil "GraphQL api to grab the data from the brazilian deputies chamber" Try it! Repo
Ghibliql "GhibliQL is a GraphQL wrapper to the Studio Ghibli REST API" Try it! Repo
Favware's GraphQL Pokémon Query for all the Pokémon, and their abilities, moves, items, learnsets, and type matchups from generations 1 through 8. This API strives to always stay up-to-date with new Pokémon releases, and has multiple contributors to achieve this. Try it! Repo
MetaMate Semantic service bus example for HackerNews Try it! Repo
MusicBrainz Open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata Try it! Repo
PokeAPI Pokémon Data API Try it! Repo
Spacex Land A non official platform for SpaceX's data! Try it! Docs
Spotify Spotify gives you instant access to millions of songs - from old favorites to the latest hits. Try it! Repo
Stratz Dota 2 Statistics Api Try it! Site
SWAPI Star Wars API Try it! Repo
Star-Wars-Api A fully fledged Star Wars API. Using mostly the same data source as, but way faster (no Django overhead) and easier to query nested data. Try it! Repo
TMDB The Movie Database Wrapper Try it! Repo

Demonstration-only APIs

API Description GraphiQL Docs/Repo
A-Maze Enter the maze, try to get out! Try it! Repo
Demotivational Quotes API Get Random Demotivational quote and its author Try it! Repo
Lucas Bento's GraphQL Pokémon Get information of a Pokémon with GraphQL! (Note: Only has data on Generation 1, and only has data on Pokémon!) Try it! Repo
MongoDB Northwind demo Demo App build on top of graphql-compose and mongoose Try it!
Try Relay version!
MongoDB TODO-List TODO List using GraphQL and MongoDb Try it! Docs
Planets Information about planets and exoplanets, including mass, radius, orbit, semimajor axis, and how it was discovered. Try it! Repo
Spotify GraphQL Server This demonstrates how to build a GraphQL server which fetches data from an external API (Spotify) Try it! Repo
Three.js demo Declare a Three.js program with GraphQL Try it! Repo
UFC GraphQL Server Public UFC API turned into a GraphQL server. It's hosted by then, sometimes, it gets freeze. Try it! Repo
Google directions API GraphQL wrapper for google directions API. Try it! Repo
FakeQL GraphQL API mocking as a service. Try it! Docs
The Rick and Morty API All the Rick and Morty information. Try it! Docs
UN SDG data series API UN SDG statistical data served via GraphQL as JSON-LD objects mapped to RDF Data Cube Vocabulary Try it! Code
Blog post
Weather API Retrieve the current weather for any given city Try it! Repo
Fake GraphQL API Mock user and to do data Try it! Docs
Fruits API Information of fruit trees of the world Try it! Docs