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Htc2u htc2u

Facebook Google app and service

Ht chow enterprise Malaysia

Valentin Deville MyTheValentinus

@OCSInventory-NG contributors Creator of @rhino-screen

@rhino-screen Manche, France

CoolONE CoolONEOfficial

My name is Nick and I'm a novice programmer. I write on C, C++ (Qt, Dev-Cpp), Delphi, Pascal, Lazarus, Bash. I am developing a games, programs, and animations.

CoolONE, Inc. Russia

Manuel Schulze Zagatou

We are actually trying to setting up an L2J Server, this is our page: I like to use youtube to document/show things.

None Berlin

Juan José Salvador Piedra JuanjoSalvador

Debian User, Web Developer (Ionic, HTML5, AngularJS). Fulltime code-curious.

Almería, Andalucía, España

Pranav Lathigara pranavlathigara

Tech. Entrepreneur, Android, Ios, Windows, Opensource Stuff, Design, IOT,Beacon, Dreamer.....