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@IvanSanchez IvanSanchez released this Jul 8, 2014 · 13 commits to master since this release

Version 0.3.0 highlights are:

  • Support for Artemis 2.1.1. Will not work with previous versions (Includes quite a few changes in the protocol and worldmodel).
  • Torpedo tube matrix. Faster tube-loading user experience!
  • Configuration file. Needed so Glitter can read vesselData.xml.
  • A MacOSX build (thanks to a new Grunt build system).
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Bugfix release over 0.1.0. This simply adds some needed *.DLL files to the windows built zipfile.

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First release of Artemis-Glitter. Includes a debug map for viewing the current status of the world model, plus two working consoles: bearing-distance table and proximity monitor. Everything is packaged with node-webkit so that non-techies using Windows can use it easily.

Windows users will want to use 0.1.1, which includes the *.DLL files needed to run node-webkit.

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