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ParallaxTableView - project


Project with example of how to use the parallax. The idea is to calculate the position of the element relative to its position on the screen. Cell class has been expanded to show how to use the parallax in your projects

How use

You must inherited from classes SPParallaxTableViewController for your tableViewController and SPParallaxTableViewCell for your tableViewCell. Do not forget overide table view data source methods. In array "parallaxViews" in SPParallaxTableViewCell you nedd add views, which must show with paralax.


If you want use some small elements with paralax - place its on transparent view and add view in "parallaxViews" array

![](/resources/paralax-table-view - use with small elements baner.jpg)


In the project you will find my library Sparrow, it's what I use. But if needed, you can easily to remove it and do not use Sparrow in their projects


ParallaxTableView project is released under the MIT license. See for details.