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Module work proved long ago. This project is a module for managing permissions with the visual part and the possibility of customization. Beautiful dialog increases chances of obtaining a permit (which is important when we request notification). Simple control of module saves hours of development. You can use the project with just two lines of code!


Xcode 8 and Swift 3. Ready for use on iOS 8+


Drop in Sparrow folder to your Xcode project (make sure to enable "Copy items if needed" and "Create groups").

Or via CocoaPods:

pod 'Sparrow/Modules/RequestPermission', :git => 'https://github.com/IvanVorobei/Sparrow.git’

How to use

Initialize Assistant as a property in controller. Initialization in any other unit may be unsafe (read more about)

class ViewController: UIViewController {

    var permissionAssistant = SPRequestPermissionAssistant.modules.dialog.interactive.create(with: [.Camera, .PhotoLibrary, .Notification])

    override func viewDidLoad() {

Now when the module is initialized and configured with the desired permissions, we can generate a visual representation. This is done in one line of code

permissionAssistant.present(on: self)

If you want to know if you have received permission, you should call the function:

let isAvailableCamera = permissionAssistant.isAllowPermission(.Camera)

Available permissions

Types of presentation

Did you notice that when initialized the Assistant - we chose the module (SPRequestPermissionAssistant.modules.dialog.interactive...). You can choose an appropriate visual component. They all adapted to the iPad and iPhone for all screens and for all orientations (currently available dialog/interactive and native, but soon I will add number of presentations)


For correct ARC work you need to save an object of class Assistant during the lifetime of parent's controller. Initialize Аssistant as controller's property. Otherwise, ARC will destroy files that is responsible for logic and the controller will not respond to events


To track events associated with Assistant and its view, implement the protocol SPRequestPermissionEventsDelegate and set the class as delegate

permissionAssistant.eventsDelegate = self


If you want to change data in a particular module (for example, the text in the top footer) - you should implement a class supporting the protocol. For example, for module dialog/interactive, you should implement the protocol SPRequestPermissionDialogInteractiveDataSourceInterface. Then the class object needs to be passed to the assistant, in this line

let permissionAssistant = SPRequestPermissionAssistant.modules.dialog.interactive.init(with: [.Camera, .PhotoLibrary], dataSourceForController: customDataSource())

If you want to write your assistant, using the current skeleton, you should use a more extended initializer. Accordingly PresenterManager and PermissionManager must implement the interfaces

let permissionAssistant = SPRequestPermissionAssistant.init(with: [.Camera, .PhotoLibrary], permissionManager: customPermissionManager(), presenterManager: customPresenterManager())

Apps, using Request-Permission

I like the idea to specify applications that use the RequestPermission. Please, contact me via email (you can find it in the section "Contacts") so that I added app here


RequestPermission is released under the MIT license. Check LICENSE.md for details


In the project you can find my library Sparrow. It's a library, on which the module is written. Unfortunately, to save time in development, I wrote RequestPermission using this library. Don't worry, within just Swift files and a lot of useful things. Maybe you will like it:)






The project is fully free, I do not impose any restrictions on its use. I'm, just like you, want to do useful things. If you have a desire to help, tell friends about the project or donate. Thanks!