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BlackJack Logo


BlackJack is a completely original Java implementation of Blackjack, a popular card game in casinos. It is written entirely in Java as a project for a Java Programming class in 2018. It features a computer-controlled dealer, who uses a custom-made strategy. The game is fair and truly random.

Features & Highlights

  • Full implementation of the Blackjack card game and all of its rules
  • Java implementation of a deck of cards, complete with truly random shuffling
  • Easy-to-use command line interface that provides all the information one would have when using physical cards
  • Command line interface is error-resistant, catches user-related errors
  • Accurate hand scoring, taking the two different values of aces into account

Application Screenshots

Main Menu Screenshot
The main menu of the interface

Complete Turn Screenshot
A complete turn

Dealer Actions Screenshot
A complete turn, demonstrating how the dealer plays its turns and how the program automatically detects when a player busts and ends that player's turn

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