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M4Baker bakes mp3 files to Audiobook format (m4b).

I am building it with my personal wishes and needs in mind as I am the developer and the main user :-) The design is with ease of use in mind.

  • Mandatory fields
    • Title
    • Artist
    • Cover Art
    • MP3 files
  • When at least the mandatory fields are filled the "Queue" button will become available
  • When Queued processing of the project will begin, and the current project windows will be cleaned to start a new one.
  • The progress of all queued projects can be seen on the Queue tab.
  • In theory, you can Queue as many projects as you want, depending on the capacity of your machine.
  • Processes that are stopped (x) or have failed for some reason will show in red
  • Successfully completed projects will show up green.
  • A stopped process can be removed from the queue by using the (x) in the entry.

Projects can be saved to files called *.m4baker and reopened through the app or recent history. I want to associate the files to the app but don't know how yet.

Download release

Donations / Appreciation

  • If you like this software and think I deserve a nice cold beer, or a good cup of coffee you can consider buying me a coffee donation.
  • Just showing your appreciation on Twitter is almost just as nice!

Building from source


  • Python 3.9 (brew install python)

To be placed in src/resources:


#cp -vf "$(which ffmpeg)" "./src/resources"
#cp -vf "$(which ffprobe)" "./src/resources"
cp -vf "$(which mp4chaps)" "./src/resources"
cp -vf "$(which mp4art)" "./src/resources"
cp -vf "$(which AtomicParsley)" "./src/resources"

Not yet sure if I need them all but will adjust as needed :-)

Create environment

To create and activate the environment

python3.9 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install poetry 
# Because wxPython did not install I needed to add these two exports
export CFLAGS=-I/$(brew --prefix)/include
export CXXFLAGS=-I/$(brew --prefix)/include
poetry install

I had some trouble getting it to work on the Apple M1 chipset and for that added the two export lines.


source venv/bin/activate
python src/

# or

DEBUG=True python src/ # Will show extra debug logging in the log window

Debug logging on Production Build

This can help identify problems when normal logging is not enough.

DEBUG=True open /Applications/

Build Mac App

source venv/bin/activate
./ [clean]

The clean option will first remove the build and dist folder before rendering all the images to the ivonet/image/ file and building the application

See also the script

Rendering the images


This script will convert all the ./images/*.{bmp,png} images to a format easily understood by wxPython.


If you want to collaborate on this project to improve it or give in more functionality please drop me a PM on twitter @ivonet

See also

DMG package

install build-dmg

  • Install node 8+
  • npm install -g create-dmg


./ clean
cd dist


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