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Handbrake on Synology Nas

This project is the companion code to this blog post.

It contains the code necessary to get Handbrake CLI working on your Synology NAS.


  • Copy scripts in the bin folder to your synology ~/bin folder
  • make sure the ~/bin folder is part of your PATH
  • make sure the files are executable chmod +x ~/bin/m4v*
  • Change the CONVERTED_FILE_LOCATION in to point to a location on your NAS
  • Change directory to you have a *.mkv file to convert
  • "<your movie>.mkv" wait and see it arrive in CONVERTED_FILE_LOCATION

Note that the first time will take longer because Docker needs to download the image of course convertion will always take quite a bit of time so you might want to start conversions from a screen (read about in on the internet) to be able to log off.

Have fun,


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