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A rubik's cube game for TI calculators

Original by Mikhail Lavrov:


The arrow keys are used to rotate the cube so you can look at it from different angles. To actually move the cube's layers, you use the number pad: the keys 1-9 represent the front face of the cube, and pressing three of them in order rotates a layer of the cube (for example, 1-2-3 rotates the bottom row layer left; 2-5-8 rotates the middle column layer up; 8-9-6 rotates the front face clockwise). It's fairly intuitive if you think of the motion of twisting a physical cube.

You can also reset or quickly scramble the cube. Press CLEAR and the cube will be reset. Press XTθn and the cube will be scrambled - this beats randomly shuffling the cube around yourself.

F1 returns to the castle and F5 opens the thread list

Finally, press MODE to exit the program.


First, install the KnightOS SDK.

$ knightos init
$ make
$ make run # to test
$ make package # to produce an installable package


Use make package to get a package that you can install.