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Beginning PHP

This is the repository for beginner up to novice level PHP code examples, exercises and tutorials. From complete beginner to novice level, you should find something here to interest and challenge you.

Filename Convention and Difficulty Indicator

Directory and file names have the following format:


Which translates into:


The letter 'L' at the beginning stands for 'Level' and is followed by a number from 1 (basic) to 5 (challenging) denoting the perceived difficulty of the exercise.


If you have any code you would like to contribute to this repository, please feel free to open a pull request. Please keep the code pure PHP so as not to detract from the learning experience.


Contributors to this repo would be very grateful to receive feedback on their hard work! If you would like to praise or comment on any item, or the repo as a whole, please do so in the issue tracker. We're keen to know what you think, so please take a moment to let us know.


If you have any questions about this repo, or need some help to contribute, please ping Tocacar on IRC freenode #phpmentoring. Thank you.