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Hackathon IOWA 1st Place
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Some of our friends lost a lot of electronics/assets during an apartment fire in our Unversity Campus housing. Details: During their claims process, they had a hard time proving what they owned and what was destroyed to the insurance company.

Our solution to this problem was to utilize a cloud storage database to store asset information for the users to make claims with during time of recovery from fire/weather damage.

Followed the classic SDLC using agile methodologies. We used Trello for planning and delegating tasks within our group and split development.

Used ReactJS as our library to make our front end and NodeJS for our backend and firebase for our database.

Won the 1st place for the HACKUIOWA BIG DATA hackathon hosted at university of Iowa and sponsored by 3M.

Team members: Ivy Seo, Ashish Jayan, Subi Dangol, and Oloyo Kidega.


  1. Live chat

  2. Claim service :Data is stored in firebase / Get a list of assets ready for claim process

How does it work?

When a client adds an asset to be recorded into his/her cloud storage The data is directly sent to firebase -> User can then fetch the same data at a later time -> Utilize chatbot support for quicker/personalized help

command: npm install npm start

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