Leap Motion as Touchless-Touch controller for openFrameworks
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ofxLeapTouch is an openFrameworks addon to use the Leap Motion as a Touchless-Touch controller. After setting up a mid-air "touch" sensitive area near your screen, ofxLeapTouch interprets interactions in this field like a touch pad and sends basic openFrameworks touch events accordingly. Due to the use of these core events, combining it with touch reactive user interfaces should be straightforward.

Touchless-Touch is NOT the next step/level for interacting with systems (mainly because of the missing haptical feedback) but it has its advantages (like hover/subtle states) and ofxLeapTouch helps exploring ideas in this field more quickly.


  • Setup for leap-to-screen mapping (touchless touch area)
  • Emits ofTouchEvents according to finger/hand interactions
  • Works with fingers and/or hands (check enum leapTouchMode)
  • Addional events to work with hover/subtle states
  • Distance to screen (z-Axis) is interpreted as touch pressure



Small example with debug draw of fingers (red) or hands (blue). Depending on the leap Z position each finger/hand has the state subtle (grey), hovering (transparent) or pressed (non-transparent).



Using ofxLeapTouch in combination with ofxTuioWrapper to send Touchless-Touch interactions as TuioCursors. For testing you can use the tuioExample as a client as shown below. Only pressed fingers / hands are forwarded.

example-leapToTuio screenshot


Controlling ofxTangibleUI basic handles via Touchless-Touch. ofxTangibleHandle is listening to touch events by default - no direct connection needed.

example-touchlessTouch screenshot


  • ofxLeapTouch is built upon top of ofxLeapMotion. Please follow the install instructions there and run the basic example before you continue.
  • To get a copy of the repository you can download the source from http://github.com/ixds/ofxLeapTouch or, alternatively, you can clone git:

    git clone git://github.com/ixds/ofxLeapTouch.git

  • The addon should be located at openFrameworks/addons/ofxLeapTouch/.