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The Sequencer

Xavier Hosxe edited this page Oct 27, 2020 · 4 revisions

The preenfm3 has a built-in small sequencer.
It's quite limited but i hope it will be fun to use : it can only record 4 measures, it only records midi notes (no CC).
It also required an external midi source such as a midi keyboard.

It has 2 main pages : a real-time sequencer and a step one.
You can come and go from one to the other by pressing button 3 : "Step>" / "<Seq".

The realtime sequencer

Front Sequencer

In the top row, you can see the current sequencer sync and the tempo, the current Measure:beat position and the percentage of memory used by this sequecner. (Step sequencer memory usage is not counted here and cannot saturate).

Beside each instrument number, a small circle (not visible on the screenshot above) indicates if the sequencer has some data in memory.
Then, after the instrument name on each row you have :

  • the record icon : grey if record is disabled or red if enabled. It blinks when a midi note is received on the instrument channel.
  • the play icon : grey is the instrument is muted, green if not.
  • The number of measures of the loop for each instrument. Can be 1, 2 or 4.

Encoder 1 : changes the sequencer sync between external which requires an external midi clock to internal which allow you to select a BPM tempo.

Encoder 2 : modify the tempo when the sync mode is insternal.

Encoder 3 : select the current instrument. The instrument on which the encoder 4-6 action applies. It shows up in Yellow in the list. Keys 8 and 9 still work here to change the current instrument too.

Encoder 4-6 : change respectively the arm record, the play/mute state, and the number of measures for the current instrument.

Key 1 : short press, access the play sub menu, which allows you to quickly mute/play the 6 instruments. Not too quickly as you have to press the button one by one.
Long press, access the Rec sub menu to quickly arm for record the 6 instruments.

Key 2 : not used

Key 3 : Got to step sequencer

Key 4 : short press, access the clear sub menu to quickly clear the sequencer memory (but not the STEP one) for the instruments.
Long Press : clear the sequencer memory of the 6 instruments.

Key 5 : not used

Key 6 : short press, start and stop the sequencer. The precount is automatic when you start the sequencer at 1:1. If the sync clock is set to external and no midi clock is received, the sequencer won't start.
Long press : rewind to 1:1.

Key 7 : when in submenu mode (play, rec, clear), press this key to go back to normal mode. In normal mode, access the menu to load existing sequences or save your current one to the SD card.

When the recording is armed for an instrument, you can start the sequencer and play on your keyboard. What you play will be recorded and will loop on the number of measures you specified.
All recording overdub what already exists.
Stopping the recording while some keys are down will lead to stuck note on.
To clear an instrument use the Clear button.

The step sequencer

As every step sequencer, this one allow you to record a track step by step for each instrument.
You can see the instrument number you're editing the sequence by its yellow number in the top left area.

Front Sequencer

In the step sequencer, your cursor is the yellow bar.
Blue notes are single notes in the sequence.
Light blue are chords in the sequence.

Encoder 1-3 : same as realtime sequencer.

Encoder 4 : move the cursor.

Encoder 5 : change the cursor size.

Encoder 6 : select the sequence to assign to the current instrument

You can press up to 5 keys on your midi keyboard for each step. The velocity is also recorded but only the one of the first key you press when several keys are pressed.
Each time you release all pressed keys, the notes are recorded at the cursor position and will take the space of the cursor size.
After a first sequence is set it's possible to go over existing notes, and insert any new notes at any place.