The starter kit demonstrates how to integrate Izenda BI 7 Series into an html page.
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Izenda Html Starter Kit

The starter kit demonstrates how to integrate Izenda BI 7 Series tool in an html page. The API in the kit impersonates all requests to be Izenda Admin user.

Izenda Version



  1. If the deployment is newer than 1.25.2, please follow the upgrade instructions.

  2. Location of files to modify:

    • APIStarterKit\izendadb.config
    • DB\IzendaDBScript.sql
    • Website\index.html

Getting Started

  1. In Visual Studio, compile and deploy the APIStarterKit and Website. Deploy the APIStarterKit and the Website to IIS server.

    • APIStarterKit : Modified API to work with an HTML Deployment
    • Website : An HTML Page rendering an Izenda page.
  2. Run the IzendaDBScript.sql in SSMS to populate your Izenda Database. In your Izenda Database, ensure the DeploymentMode = 3 (Full Integration) in IzendaSystemSettings table.

  3. Update the Izenda database connection string in izendadb.config file. If your connection string is unencrypted, ensure that you escape any special characters.

    "server=My-PC\SQLEXPRESS;database=HTML_Izenda;User Id=Test;Password=test123;"  
    "server=My-PC\\SQLEXPRESS;database=HTML_Izenda;User Id=Test;Password=test123;"
  4. Update the WebApiUrl in index.html file to point to APIStarterKit URL. Ensure to append /api/ after the URL.

    "WebApiUrl": "http://localhost:4546/api/",
  5. Reset IIS and clear your cache.

  6. Browse the index.html in browser. Then Izenda application appears and you need to set the license, token key in Settings page.

    • If you press the "Connect" button for your IzendaDB connection string, the connection string in the IzendaDB.config will be encrypted.
  7. Enjoy!


Download a newer version ( of the API copy the following:


  • Copy all files & folders in API\bin -> APIStarterKit\IzendaReferences
  • API\Content -> APIStarterKit\IzendaResources
  • API\EmailTemplates -> APIStarterKit\IzendaResources
  • API\Export -> APIStarterKit\IzendaResources


  • Find appropriate migration scripts in SchemaMigrationScripts (database and versions), run against the Izenda database located in App_Data\Izenda.mdf using SSMS or Visual Studio.


  • Copy all files & folders in EmbeddedUI -> Website\izenda