This kit is a sample integration of Izenda in DeploymentMode 3
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Izenda WebFormsStarterkit


Q. What is in this repository?

A. This is a simple example using a Visual Studio project template with Izenda Embedded into it. This repository is only an example of integrating Izenda into another application. The Visual Studio project template used in this scenario is used as a substitute for your application. This repository shows examples of how you might embed Izenda into your application.

⚠️ The WebForms Kit is designed for demonstration purposes and should not be used as an “as-is” fully-integrated solution. You can use the kit for reference or a baseline but ensure that security and customization meet the standards of your company.

Getting Started

Download the v2.6.20 ( of the API and EmbeddedUI and copy the following:

All files & folders in

  • API\bin ->WebFormsStarterKit\IzendaReferences

  • API\Content -> WebFormsStarterKit\IzendaResources

  • API\EmailTemplates -> WebFormsStarterKit\IzendaResources

  • API\Export -> WebFormsStarterKit\IzendaResources

  • EmbeddedUI -> WebFormsStarterKit\Scripts\izenda

Creating Reporting Database

  • Create a new database named Retail
  • Run script located at WebFormsStarterKit\SQLScript\MSSQL\RetailDbScript.sql

Creating the Izenda database

  • Create a new database named IzendaWebForms
  • Run script located at ~\WebFormsStarterKit\SQLScript\MSSQL\IzendaWebForms.sql
  • Modify the ~\WebFormsStarterKit\izendadb.config file with a valid connection string to IzendaWebForms database.
{"ServerTypeId":"572bd576-8c92-4901-ab2a-b16e38144813","ServerTypeName":"[MSSQL] SQLServer","ConnectionString":"[your connection to IzendaWebForms database]","ConnectionId":"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"}

Creating the WebFormsStarterKit database

  • Create a new database named WebFormsStarterKit

  • Run script located at ~\WebFormsStarterKit\SQLScript\MSSQL\WebFormsStarterKit.sql

  • Modify the ~\WebFormsStarterKit\Web.config file with a valid connection string to WebFormsStarterKit database above.

    <add name="DefaultConnection" connectionString="[your connection to WebFormsStarterKit database]" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

Run Application and login by System Admin Account below:

After start up and logging in as Admin Go to Settings on top Nav

  • Add Izenda License Key and Token

  • Restart Izenda application to ensure Izenda Key permission set take effect

  • Login again and Go to Settings > Data Setup > Connection String add the connection string to the Retail database created above for system and all tenants and move tables/views to visible More Info here: How To Set Up A Connection String

  • In Data Setup > Advanced Settings > Security Set the Tenant Field to [CustomerID] (please ensure you use the brackets) for each Tenant / CustomerID in the Retail Database are the tenants (DELDG/NATWR/RETCL) and this will filter data based on the current user's TenantID More Info here: Updating settings in Performance, Security/Additive Fields and Others group

  • For each Role in the tenant set datamodel access (what tables / views each role can access) More Info here: How To Set Up A Role

Tenants, Users, and Roles

For each Tenant the following users / roles are configured all use the same password: Izenda@123

Tenant: DELDG
User: Role: employee
User: Role: manager
User: Role: VP

Tenant: NATWR
User: Role: employee
User: Role: manager
User: Role: VP

Tenant: RETCL
User: Role: employee
User: Role: manager
User: Role: VP

When registering a new user in this sample all users are hardcoded to the manager role here: WebFormsStarterKit\Account\Register.aspx.cs (Line 42)

Please review the following file: WebFormsStarterKit\WebFormsStarterKit\IzendaBoundary\CustomAdhocReport.cs This is where you can find samples for: Hidden Filters Filter Dropdown Overrides See more information here: All About IAdhocExtension, Hidden Filters, and Filter Dropdown Overrides

The CSS can be configured per tenant and an example is provided see below: This is configured at ~\WebFormsStarterKit\IzendaSkinHelper.GetCurrentTenantCssPath() method And folder structures are located here ~\WebFormsStarterKit\WebFormsStarterKit\Content

Post Installation

⚠️ In order to ensure smooth operation of this kit, the items below should be reviewed.


Update the WebUrl value in the IzendaSystemSetting table with the URL for your front-end. You can use the script below to accomplish this. As general best practice, we recommend backing up your database before making any manual updates.

UPDATE [IzendaSystemSetting]
SET [Value] = '<your url here including the trailing slash>'
WHERE [Name] = 'WebUrl'

If you do not update this setting, charts and other visualizations may not render correctly when emailed or exported. This will also be evident in the log files as shown below:

[ERROR][ExportingLogic ] Convert to image: System.Exception: HTML load error. The remote content was not found at the server - HTTP error 404