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Tattwas is a meditation app developed in Processing and Processing Android that allows the mind to reflect on elemental forces of nature presented by shapes. I extended the application by adding more shapes and patterns to create interesting combinations that seem relieving to the mind. Check video on the right.

The tattwas_android_sensor is implemented in Processing Android and uses sensor(accelerometer) values to animate 2D shapes on screen.

The tattwas_No_Senor is a desktop application made in Processing which contains a combination of multiple animations that run at random intervals.

How it works?

Pressing 'w' stores the coordinates of current shapes.

Pressing 'r' loads the shapes previously saved in polygons.txt

Pressing any other key applies texture on polygons.

Use mouse clicks to draw polygons with 4 vertices (only works with shapes with 4 vertices)

Once drawn, press any key apart from 'w' and 'r' to apply texture on them

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