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Note: OSPRep is no longer maintained.

What is OSPRep?

OSPRep is an Oracle Statspack Report Generator, used to create reports about your database activity statistics in a nice, human readable format – which in this case is HTML –, based on the data collected by Oracle Statspack (or alternatively, using the compatibility layer, on the AWR collected data) and, optionally, some plugins shipped with OSPRep. The generated report provides you with information on the physical database design (tablespaces, datafiles, memory), statistical values on your databases efficiency and more. It is highly configurable not only concerning the report elements you need. Due to its modular design, only the needed code (depending on the options you chose in the config file) will be build and executed, to save your database from unnecessary load.

What does OSPRep do?

OSPRep reads its data out of the (level 5 - 7) statistics gathered by the statspack.snap() procedure of Oracle Statspack and the corresponding procedures from above mentioned plugins. Analogue to the ASCII report one may generate using Oracle Statspack's spreport.sql, OSPrep generates HTML reports out of these data. The additional information gathered (and reported) by the mentioned plugins includes e.g. datafile growth and wait events.

Together with these data, OSPRep gives some descriptions on their meaning as well as ideas what they may point to or what actions are required from the DBA in order to bring the instance to a more efficient state. For some issues, even code pieces for possible required actions are given.

Other useful things to mention here are the script provided by OSPrep, which can be used to gather execution plans for all SQL statements executed during a certain period of time, having caused full table scans (FTS; this does not work against AWR data currently) – and the script, generating some simple charts for selected statistics. This way OSPRep gives you the information on your finger tips to start the tuning of your applications.

What does OSPRep NOT do?

OSPRep will take no (write) actions to the database (only things that OSPRep writes are the HTML report pages and some temporary files; the latter ones are automatically removed when the script finishes). It only does report what it finds in the database plus some general description on those values. It gives no "perfect solution" to problems that may exist with your instance, just hints to what may be helpful. It will not repair or tune your database for you: in order to have this done, you must draw your own conclusions out of the report results.


an Oracle StatsPack Reporter, generating dynamic reports based on statistics gathered by Oracle StatsPack in your database.




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