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What is miniCalOPe?

miniCalOPe is a simple OPDS provider - serving your book collection to OPDS capabable eBook readers. The name stands for _mini Cal_ibre _OP_DS _e_xtension, which shows its original intention: to show off your Calibre library to the mentioned readers. Meanwhile, it can be used even without Calibre: You can place your eBooks (which have to be in either *.epub or *.mobi format) in a given directory structure, run the scanner script – and miniCalOPe will do the rest for you.


  • presenting your eBook collection as OPDS catalog
  • allow selection by title, tags, and authors
  • presenting your eBook collection for web-based browsing
  • dito for OPDS capable eBook readers – also on Android phones/tablets or iPhone/iPad
  • search capability
  • Cover support
  • Markdown support (for book descriptions)
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