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Welcome to the relman wiki!

This is a short and probably incomplete documentation. Its intention is to get you started with relman - and it is incomplete in regard to the fact that not all features will be mentioned. For a more complete reference, you may use the man pages shipped with the distribution, by typing e.g. man relman or man relman.conf at the command line - after you successfully installed the application.

Please refer to the sidebar for available topics.

What is relman?

relman takes your source code from the development tree, runs the build using pkgmake, and distributes the packages.

While just being a simple shell script, relman has not much requirements. But still it can be a powerful helper for the developer, freeing him/her from some boring routine jobs on distributing the software. It will be most interesting for developers having a bunch of small projects.

In the relman configuration file, you define application-wide defaults valid for all projects - plus for each project the information special to them (e.g. the source directory, package name and the like). If everything is set up, on each release you just have to call relman with the name given to the project plus the version to release (optionally you can pass more parameters), and lean back: relman calls pkgmake to handle your source (building distribution .tar.gz, .deb and .rpm files), and then distributes them using ftp and/or scp, all in one run.

Feature overview

  • FrontEnd to [/trac/pkgmake/ pkgmake]
  • Define settings for all your project in one configuration file
  • Code retrieval using simple copy of local files, exporting from a (local) SVN working copy, or checkout from a CVS repository
  • Simple run with only two required parameters (everything else is taken from your projects configuration) - but a lot more optional parameters available for "special cases"
  • One call does build your tarballs and *.deb/*.rpm packages plus distributes them to your distribution servers
  • Generates ChangeLog for RPM packages out of your projects history files (those also used by HistView)
  • Used together with HistView, the entire release process (except for announcements) can be automated (creating the packages, distributing them to the server, distributing the history file along - and using this, HistView automatically finds the new version and creates the necessary links)

More information

Also see my article on the IzzySoft Release Framework, which gives you a more detailed description on how to setup and use relman - and the other components of the IzzySoft Release Framework, which also includes pkgmake (one of the backends relman addresses) and HistView (a frontend to your projects ChangeLog and downloads, to be addressed by your users).

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