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JKSM for 3DS

JKSM or JK's Save Manager for 3DS. Switch UI is currently being backported, so may be missing features if built from source.

  • Circle Pad Left or Right Changes Save Data Type

  • While in title selection:

    • A Opens the highlighted title
    • Y Adds the highlighted title to favorites.
    • More later
  • While Folder Selection is open:

    • A Overwrites an already dumped backup or selects New
    • X Deletes the highlighted folder
    • Y Restores the highlighted folder
    • B Closes and returns to title select

Google Drive Instructions: Follow the guide here. For 3DS, step 24 is a bit different as JKSM 3DS does not have a text config file. Instead, create a file named drive.json and use this as the template:

    "driveClientID" : "YOUR_DRIVE_CLIENT_ID_HERE",
    "driveClientSecret" : "YOUR_DRIVE_CLIENT_SECRET",
    "driveAuthCode" : "YOU_CODE_FROM_STEP_22_HERE"

Place drive.json inside the JKSV folder in the root of your SD card.

NOTE: Google Drive support currently requires JKSM to be built from source or be downloaded from my google drive links below. Only saves created with the Export To Zip option turned on are uploadable for now.

This is a rewrite that is based on the original's code with the Switch's UI backported. Basically, sort of what I wanted to do in the first place before I disappeared.

See releases for the latest version and QR code or my Google Drive for early betas and updates.


  • Setup devkitPro
  • Run this command. You may need to remove dkp:
    • dkp-pacman -S 3ds-curl 3ds-libjson-c 3ds-mbedtls 3ds-zlib