@J-D-K J-D-K released this Jul 12, 2018 · 7 commits to master since this release

No, I'm not dead yet. The newer rewrite is much closer feature wise to the original with a few improvements I've wanted to add over the past year.

  • Titles are now filtered according to whether or not JKSM can open anything for them, save or extra data. This eliminates the need for the filter.txt.
  • I've added a much needed "Jump To" button. This allows you to type a letter and jump to the first title in the list that starts with it.
  • The folder menu no longer locks the program into a loop and can be exited like the rest of the program
  • The backup and restore menus have been merged into one menu.
  • It no longer relies on 8 libraries and can be built with just citro3d and citro2d
  • Color scheme has been updated to match the Switch version

Shared Extdata has not been added yet and an advanced file browser mode is planned.