@J-D-K J-D-K released this Aug 19, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

Assets 4


  1. Has completely rewritten text wrapping.
  2. Adds title blacklisting. Pressing X on a title in your title menu will add it to a list that prevents it from showing anymore unless you alter or delete 'blacklist.txt' in your JKSV folder. There will be a pause while the title is removed to rewrite the cache with it gone.
  3. Manual multi-select is back. Pressing L will allow you to to select multiple titles if you don't want to dump everything in one go
  4. SD browsing is back. Pressing Select while in the folder selection will allow you to access a more advanced SD browser.
    • The top screen is the game's open data, bottom is SD
    • Pressing X will open a small menu of options, L and R switches between which menu is controlled/active.
    • Opening the menu on the first dot will use the currently open directory as the root.
    • If a more in depth guide to using this is needed, I will write it sometime.